How To Add Exception In ESET Endpoint?

How To Add Exception In ESET Endpoint

You can add an exception in Eset Endpoint by adding the file/folder to the exclusion list. When the Eset antivirus software scans your system, it will do a thorough scan and block specific applications which it considers to be a threat. But if you find the blocked application indispensable, you can go ahead by excluding the application from being scanned. You can add exclusion when you want to exclude a file from the list of blocked applications. But it is not recommended to exclude a file, as it may turn out to be a threat to your system. Only when you are sure that the application is safe, exclude it from the scanning process. Check out the below section to know how to add exception in ESET endpoint quickly.

How To Exclude A File Or Folder From The Scanning Process?

  • On your computer, click Start and type ESET in the search area. ESET security software will open.
  • On the Eset home page, in the left panel, click on the Setup option.
  • Locate Advanced Setup in the bottom right and select it.
  • On the Advanced Setup page, click on the Exclusions option and select Edit.
  • In the Exclusion window, click on the Add button. In the Path field, select the hard drive followed by the file or folder you would like to exclude from the scanning process. If you want to add an application to the exclusion list, locate the app on your computer and select the specific folder. Finally, click OK.
  • As you have added the specific folder to the exclusion list, your ESET security software skips that particular folder from the scanning process. It will not block the excluded application anymore.

By adhering to the steps mentioned above, you will know how to add exception in ESET endpoint.


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