How To Activate Kaspersky Security Cloud?

How To Activate Kaspersky Security Cloud?

How to activate Kaspersky security cloud - Security Cloud is a subscription service from Kaspersky. It has the capability to safeguard your PC, Mac, or any other device, such as your Android phone or iPhone. It also provides you with access to many other security utilities from Kaspersky. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is equipped with virus shields and a Password Manager. Kaspersky Security Cloud also offers flexible protection from all sorts of digital threats. Apart from protecting your devices from viruses and malware, Security Cloud adapts itself according to your manner of usage of the devices. It makes sure that you get the maximum level of protection always. There will be times when you need to activate Kaspersky Security Cloud on the computer/device you are using. Let us now see how to activate the Kaspersky Security Cloud.

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Before you begin the installation and the activation of Kaspersky Security Cloud, it would be wise to create an account on My Kaspersky. You can then add your activation code to that account. These steps are essential to make the activation process much quicker and easier. After you have downloaded and installed Kaspersky Security Cloud on your computer, you will be activating it. Let us now plunge right into the procedure on how to activate the Kaspersky Security Cloud on your computer.

Activating It Within The Application

  • The first step is to check the Internet connection on your computer/device. Confirm that you have a stable connection.
  • Since you have already installed Kaspersky Security Cloud on your computer, you will find a window that has the Go to My Kaspersky button. Now, click on this button.
  • Now, you will be taken to the login page on which you can see the Already have a My Kaspersky account? title.
  • On this page, type your Email address and Password.
  • Now, click on the Sign in button to continue to activate Kaspersky Security Cloud.

The next window that pops up will have the Activation completed successfully message. In this window, click on the Done button. We have now seen how to activate Kaspersky security cloud on your computer/device.


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