How To Resolve ESET Error Code MSI 1406?

There is a little chance for an error to occur while downloading, installing, or using an antivirus application. In most cases, these error codes can be fixed easily by performing simple troubleshooting solutions. On this page, we will have a look at the causes and the solutions for the ESET error code MSI 1406. If there is a conflict with your system permissions and the installer file, then you may encounter the ESET error code MSI.1406. Most users have encountered this error code while installing ESET on their computers. To resolve this error code, perform the simple solutions discussed below.

 Eset ESET Error Code MSI 1406

Solution 1: Run As Administrator

If the error code MSI. 1406 has occurred while starting the ESET installer file normally, then try to launch it with admin rights.

  • Initially, make sure that you have signed into your computer as an administrator.
  • Now, navigate to the folder of the ESET installer file.
  • Right-click on the installer file. Select the Run as Administrator option.
  • Install the ESET application on your computer by following the on-screen instructions.

Solution 2: Change The Default Installation File Path

If solution 1 did not resolve the ESET error code 1406, then change the default installation file path to fix this issue.

  • First, you need to create the ESET Security, ESET Modules, and ESET Data folders on the C: drive of your Windows computer.
  • After creating the above mentioned folders, try to run the installation file on your computer.

For Live installer or offline installer: Open the installation file. Make sure to click the Change installation folder option when prompted to turn on LiveGrid and Detection of PUAs. Now, change the installation paths to the newly created folders and click Continue. For Install from MSI: While performing the installation, if you receive a prompt saying Enable Detection of PUAs, then click Advanced Settings and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. If the above two solutions did not help in resolving the ESET error code MSI 1406, then contact us.


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