How To Fix Eset Error Code Ecp 20003?

The ESET Endpoint AntiVirus is a utility that secures and protects your computer. This AntiVirus prevents the attacks by adware, spyware, and malware, and thereby safeguards your system. Errors might pop up while installing or launching any software. As with any software, the ESET AntiVirus is also accompanied by a few errors and issues. One such error that might cause trouble among the users is the Eset error code Ecp 20003. The error is usually associated with updating or activating the ESET AntiVirus software.

How To Fix Eset Error Code Ecp 20003?

The message associated with the ESET Error with Code ECP 20003 will be:

Activation failed We could not reach the activation server

The following are some instructions that will help you fix the ESET Error ECP 20003:

  • First, check with your manufacturer and see if there is an issue on their side. In case the problem arises from the manufacturer’s side, wait patiently for them to resolve the issue.
  • If not, then continue with the rest of the instructions given here.
  • Now, check your computer and see if you have installed any other version of the ESET antivirus program.
  • If yes, then make use of an uninstall tool and remove that ESET AntiVirus software.
  • Open the Command Prompt terminal as an administrator on your computer.
  • Type in the terms, netsh winsock reset. Press Enter.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Then, try installing, activating, or updating the ESET AntiVirus software.
  • Navigate to the path given below:C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  • Now, check to see whether you have any DNS-poisoned files below your host file.
  • If yes, then use Notepad or Notepad + to separate those files.

We have now finished discussing the steps to resolve the Eset error code ECP 20003. If still issue persists, click the Call Us button available on the screen.


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