How To Disable Script Blocking In Norton Antivirus?

 Disable Script Blocking In Norton Antivirus

Disable Script blocking in Norton antivirus - Norton's most powerful and efficient security system provides 100 percent protection from malware, ransomware, internet spam, full-blown firewall, hosted online backup, and spam filtering. The lightweight antivirus defense enables an effortless setup and easy access for its users. Script Blocking in Norton Antivirus removes suspicious scripts from files and sanitizes the files. It protects your system from malware that you download or receive as attachments in phishing emails. Its main feature is to detect and fix the script-based worms on your PC.

Steps To Disable

  • On your computer, click on the Norton icon in the system tray or double-click the Norton Antivirus shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Once the Norton Antivirus interface loads on the computer, click the Options menu you see on the right corner.
  • Select Script blocking on the left-side panel and deselect the Enable Script Blocking Checkbox.
  • You have disabled the Script Blocking service on your Norton Antivirus.

If you cannot Disable the Script Blocking in Norton Antivirus, then try to disable the Norton Antivirus software temporarily on your device.

Temporarily Disable Norton Antivirus Script Blocking

  • Launch the Norton Antivirus software and go to the Options menu.
  • Select Norton Internet Security Options from the drop-down list.
  • Navigate to the left-side panel and click on the Real-Time Protection tab.
  • Select Auto-Protect and then deselect the Turn on Auto-Protect checkbox.
  • Specify the time limit if needed. Save the process by clicking the OK button.
  • Make sure to turn ON the Norton Antivirus software later.

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