How To Do Comodo Malware Scan?

A malware scanner is an essential part of your security system. Since websites have become more vulnerable to malware attacks, malware scanners are very much necessary. They help users and also website owners to prevent attacks. They also aid in detecting malware on your system at an early stage. Now, we will see how to perform a Comodo malware scan. NOTE: A Full System Scan will be scanning all the files, folders, and local drives on your computer.

 Comodo Malware Scan

USB Drives, Digital Cameras & Other Storage Devices Will Be Scanned Too

  • The first step in the procedure will be to download the Comodo Internet Security software on your computer.
  • Please go to the General Tasks interface and click the Scan tab.
  • Then, select the Full Scan option. The scanner will now start working, and it will check if your virus signature database is up-to-date.
  • In case the database is outdated, Comodo Internet Security will download and then install the most recent database.
  • When the scanning is taking place, you can either stop or pause the process by clicking the respective buttons.
  • You can also click on the Send To Background button if you wish to run the scanning in the background.
  • If you choose to do the scanning in the background, you can check your scan progress by selecting the Task Manager option on the Home screen.

At the end of the Full System Scan, you will see the results on your screen. If any threats were detected, they would be displayed.

Items Included In The Scan Results

  • The number of threats found.
  • The names and locations of those threats.
  • The best virus removal options.

Now, you can either click on the Yes, I want an expert to clean it option or the No, I will try to clean it myself button, depending on your preferences. In case you choose to clean it yourself, you can also move the problematic files to quarantine or ignore the threat. If you need remote assistance to do Comodo malware scan, click the call button.


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