ClamWin is a free open source antivirus that is available for Windows computers. ClamWin Free Antivirus provides a GUI for the ClamWin Antivirus engine, which has no GUI of its own. Written in C++ and Python, this application applies updates to virus definitions whenever it detects an internet connection.

Clamwin Windows 10

To download ClamWin on a Windows 10 computer, follow these guidelines.

  • Go to ‘’ on your web browser and click the ‘About ClamWin Free Antivirus’ link.
  • Click the ‘Download’ button on the left side of the screen. Click ‘Download Now’ and wait until ClamWin is downloaded on your computer.

How Good Is Clamwin

Since ClamWin updates its virus definitions every time you connect your computer to the internet, it is always up-to-date with virus signatures, and this helps you to protect your computer from threats.

  • The ClamWin application installation is straightforward and it is very easy to install it on your computer.
  • It also offers email client protection and scheduled system scans.

How To Use Clamwin

Here are the guidelines to use ClamWin on your computer.

  • Download ClamWin from the manufacturer’s site and install it on your computer.
  • Press the Windows button on your computer after navigating to the desktop.
  • Click the Virus Scanner option located on the Windows Start menu.
  • Select the volume label to be scanned and click Scan.
  • The ClamWin application scans the volume label and displays the result on the screen.
  • To schedule a scan, click File Preferences Scheduled Scan Add Set the Scheduled scan frequency Click the two checkboxes Set the Scheduled Scan folder Click OK.
how to use clamwin
Clamwin Virus Scanner

Clamwin Virus Scanner

The ClamWin virus scanner is a part of the ClamWin Free Antivirus application. You can download the ClamWin Free Antivirus from the manufacturer’s site for free.

  • Go to ‘’ on your web browser and navigate to the Download section.
  • Click the ‘Download’ button and wait until the ClamWin application is downloaded on your computer.
  • Run the ClamWin antivirus installer as an administrator and wait until the application initializes.
  • You can scan specific folders, or schedule scans to run at a certain time as well.
  • This ClamWin application downloads virus definition updates every time your computer is connected to the internet.

Clamwin Update

ClamWin antivirus downloads virus definition updates from the internet every time an internet connection is established. However, if you need to download ClamWin virus definition updates manually, follow these guidelines.

  • On a new web browser tab, enter ‘’ and download it on your computer.
  • Then, go to ‘’ and download these files on your computer.
  • Copy these ‘.CVD’ files to the ClamWin database folder on your computer. To find the database folder, open ClamWin, click File, and select Locations.
  • Make a note of the database folder and transfer the database files to that location.
  • Typically, the ClamWin application’s default database folder is ‘System drive letter (i.e., C) Documents and Settings All Users ClamWin DB.
Clamwin Update

Clamwin Antivirus Update

If you see a warning message on your screen stating that the ClamAV installation is outdated, you need to update the ClamWin application.

Clamwin For Mac

Protect your Mac computer with ClamWin. Here are the guidelines to download ClamWin on your Mac computer.

  • Enter ‘’ on your web browser and press Enter.
  • The ClamWin official site loads. Click the Web Links tab on the left-hand side of the webpage.
  • Locate the ‘ClamXac for Mac OS X’ link on the right side of the webpage and click it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the ClamWin webpage and click the ‘Free Trial’/’Buy Now’ button.
  • Depending on what button you click, the ClamWin application is downloaded/the paid version online store appears.
  • Enter the details requested by the ClamWin webpage to download the paid version on your computer.

Clamwin Internet Security

ClamWin protects your computer from online threats when you surf the internet. Here’s how you can set up ClamWin Internet Security after downloading it.

  • Run the ClamWin Internet Security installer on your computer as an administrator.
  • Click the ‘I accept the agreement’ checkbox and click Next. Click the ‘Anyone’ radio button to allow everyone to use this software on your computer and then click Next.
  • Choose the ClamWin installation folder and click Next. Set the ClamWin components to be installed on your computer and click Next. Set the ClamWin desktop Start menu shortcuts folder and click Next.
  • Click the ‘Download Virus Database’ checkbox and click Next. Wait until the ClamWin application is installed and click Finish.
  • Click the ‘Preferences’ button below the ‘File’ button to set internet security preferences. Click OK.

Clamwin Offline Update

To update ClamWin offline, follow these guidelines.

  • Open the ClamWin official site on your computer and click the ‘FAQ’ button on the left.
  • Click the ‘’Where can I manually download virus definition files from?’ link.
  • You will be redirected to the ClamWin virus definition files’ download page.
  • Click the two links one after the other to download the ClamWin virus definitions.
  • Place these downloaded ClamWin virus definition files in the ClamWin database folder which by default is C Documents and Settings All Users .ClamWin DB.
Clamwin Offline Update

Clamwin Virus Removal

ClamWin antivirus reports files that are detected by default. However, you can remove viruses by following these guidelines.

Clamwin Virus Removal
  • Launch ClamWin antivirus on your computer by double-clicking its icon on your desktop.
  • Click the ‘Tools’ button at the top of the ClamWin dashboard. Select Preferences from the list.
  • Navigate to the ‘General’ tab and click the ‘Remove’ radio button in the ‘Infected files’ section. Click OK.
  • Do note that ClamWin could potentially delete false positives, which is why ‘Report only’ is selected by default.
  • You can use the ‘Move to quarantined folder’ option instead. If you are sure that the quarantined files are threats, you can delete them from the quarantine folder. Click OK.
  • Return to the ClamWin antivirus dashboard and select a drive to scan. Click Scan. Once ClamWin completes the scan, it moves the infected files to the quarantine folder.


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