Why My CCleaner Not Working?

CCleaner is a third-party utility program to clean the junk that is accumulated on your computer. It can also clean the web history, caches, cookies, and other temporary files storing your private data. Clearing all these files will help in maintaining privacy. Many users have reported issues regarding the CCleaner not working. The general causes of the problem are malware or virus, error in the CCleaner installation files, security issues, and corrupted registry files. Read the below solutions to fix the CCleaner problems.

 CCleaner Not Working

Solution-1: Repair The CCleaner Tool

  • If you face problems after running the CCleaner tool on your Windows computer, try the below steps.
  • Open the Windows Explorer and then find the Registry backup file. The Registry file has an extension .REG.
  • The CCleaner backup files are usually stored in the My Documents folder.
  • Open the Registry file and a confirmation message will appear.
  • Click Yes to proceed and complete the repair process.

Solution-2: Run CCleaner In Debug Mode

  • The CCleaner log files help you to understand and find the problem of the CCleaner program.
  • The log files contain information about the CCleaner tool's activities.
  • On the Windows computer, press the Win and the R keys together to open the Run dialog box.
  • Enter “C:\Program Files\ccleaner\CCleaner.exe /debug”
  • The path to the CCleaner changes according to the storage location of the CCleaner.
  • Now, click OK to start debugging.
  • Wait until the process completes.
  • Go to the CCleaner storage location on your computer and check if the log file is present.

Solution-3: Permit The CCleaner

  • If you have enabled security features like the firewall, it can prompt you not to run the CCleaner program.
  • When the firewall displays such alert messages, click Allow or Yes to continue to run the CCleaner tool.
  • Apply the same settings to all the actions performed by the CCleaner program to avoid alerts in the future. Now the CCleaner not working issue is resolved


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