How To Do CCleaner Intelligent Cookie Scan?

A cookie is a small text file that stores information such as username, password, and IP address of the website that you browse on your computer. It tracks the user activity and helps to reconnect the user to the site using the previous session data. The session is the time and date you visited the site. Some cookies may be spyware or virus that can infect your device or network. So it is important to delete these cookies often. The CCleaner intelligent cookies scan does it automatically during the regular scan. For the CCleaner versions above 4.08, the Intelligent Cookies Scan is enabled by default.

 CCleaner Intelligent Cookies Scan

Enable Intelligent Cookie Scanner

  • You need to enable the CCleaner Intelligent Cookie Scanner at the time of installation.
  • While installing CCleaner, a small window may appear asking you to turn on the CCleaner scan.
  • If you want to enable the scan feature, click the Yes button. If not, select No.
  • In case you disable it and proceed with the installation of the CCleaner program, you cannot enable the Intelligent Cookie Scan after the installation.
  • You have to reinstall the CCleaner again because there is no setting to enable or disable the CCleaner Intelligent Cookie Scan feature.

Use Intelligent Cookie Scan

  • Launch the CCleaner interface.
  • Click Options > Cookies.
  • When all the cookies are listed, right-click on the Cookies to Delete column.
  • Select the Intelligent Scan option from the list of options.
  • Click Yes in the Intelligent Cookie Scan dialog box.

Keep The Necessary Cookies

If you used to visit a webpage frequently, the page must recognize your device to load the page faster. Even though deleting cookies might keep your device secure, you need to retain certain cookies.

  • Open the CCleaner interface, select Cleaner > Options > Cleaner.
  • Following that, all the cookies stored on the computer will be listed under Cookies on Computer.
  • Choose the cookie you want to keep and click the forward arrow icon.
  • Now, the cookie will move to the Cookies to keep list.

Keep The Cookies Of Browsers

  • On the main interface, click the Application tab.
  • Find the different browsers you use on the computer.
  • Untick the checkbox of Cookies located beside the browser name. If you still have any queries on CCleaner intelligent cookies scan, click the call button.


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