Why My CCleaner Duplicate Finder Not Working?

CCleaner Duplicate Finder will help you to find duplicate files on your computer and clear them. The tool will free up storage space on your computer and keep it clean. It removes all duplicate files like photos, videos, and other files. The CCleaner duplicate finder not Working properly if the folder is compressed or not readable.

 CCleaner Duplicate Finder Not Working

Can’t Delete Duplicate Files

  • Check whether the files are compressed and decompress them.
  • Sometimes, the CCleaner tool might find the duplicate files, but can’t delete them. In such cases, right-click on the file you want to remove and select Properties.
  • Click the General tab, then go to the Advanced section.
  • When the Advanced dialog box appears, uncheck the Compress contents to save disk space checkbox.
  • Make sure to save the settings you have made by clicking on the OK button.
  • Keep the files you want to delete in the Read-only mode so that there are no issues.
  • Now, choose all the duplicate files you want to remove and right-click on the menu list.
  • Select the Properties option from the displayed list.
  • Go to the Attributes section and make sure that the Read-only option is not selected.
  • If not selected, checkmark the Read-only box to activate the mode and click OK.
  • Verify the File Finder options, whether they are incorrect.
  • Make sure that the files to be deleted are included in the Exclude list.
  • Once you have verified the files, you can delete them.
  • If the issues persists, restart your computer and perform the scan again.
  • Now, you can select the duplicate files you want to remove.
  • All the duplicate files will now be removed from your computer. If still your CCleaner duplicate finder not working, click the call button.


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