How To Cancel McAfee Livesafe Subscription?

 Cancel McAfee Livesafe Subscription

This website provides users with complete instructions on how to cancel Mcafee Livesafe Subscription and Total Protection. To do this, you have to disable the Auto-Renewal feature and then cancel your McAfee account. But to cancel your McAfee account or get a refund, you need to contact McAfee Customer Service. If you are unaware of whether you had an active McAfee product subscription, or if the McAfee product is no longer needed, disable the Auto-Renewal.

Steps To Turn-OFF Auto Renewal

  • This will effectively cancel your subscription. But you can use the McAfee product until the end of the subscription period.
  • Prevents the money from automatically being deducted from your credit card.
  • Also, it makes sure that no extra charges are paid at the end of the subscription period.

Turn-OFF McAfee LiveSafe Auto-Renewal

  • Go to in the web browser.
  • Next, log in with your email address and password.
  • Choose Auto-Renewal settings available under My Account.
  • Check if the Auto-Renewal option is turned-on. If yes, then turn-off that option.
  • Review your options and then tap on Turn-off.
  • The Auto-Renewal option is turned-off now.

Enable Auto-Renewal Option

  • Choose McAfee Auto-Renewal settings available under My Account.
  • Tap on the Auto-Renewal option and enable (Turn-on) it.
  • On the next screen, choose Agree & Opt in.
  • The Auto-Renewal option will be enabled.

Using the above-given steps, you can manage (turn on/off) the Auto-Renewal option. To remove the email and account details from McAfee completely, contact McAfee Customer Service. Then, convey about removing the account and email details from McAfee. They will do it. For more details to cancel Mcafee Livesafe Subscription, call us at the Toll-free number. Our experts will provide you guidance on the same.


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