Resolve Bullguard Error Code Bws102

Bullguard Error Code Bws102

Bullguard is a popular security software that protects your device from viruses and malware. The Bullguard error code Bws102 usually occur when you open the Bullguard main window on the desktop or encounter a technical problem. Read the below instruction to understand the problems faced by the Bullguard security tool.

Reasons For Errors In Bullguard Tool:

  • The security settings of the device could be interrupting the Bullguard program.
  • If the side-by-side configuration of Bullguard is incorrect, the tool might encounter issues.
  • Using the older .NET version framework can cause the error on the tool.
  • Junk files and unwanted data on the system could lead to the abnormal behavior of the program.
  • If the program has a login error, then the error code might appear on the screen.

Some solutions to fix the errors are mentioned below.

1. The tool doesn’t function:

  • Make sure the subscription for the security tool has not expired.
  • Visit the Bullguard account page from a web browser and check the subscription status.
  • If it has expired, then subscribe to the security service again. This may be the reason for Bullguard error code Bws102.

2. The program fails to open:

  • Click the Bullguard icon in the system tray and open the program.
  • If the program does not open up, close the program window and go to the Settings window.
  • View the list of programs available on the system, choose the Bullguard program, and click Uninstall.
  • Restart the computer and proceed to reinstall the program.
  • After that, go to the official website or get the Bullguard installer file from the earlier subscription and reinstall it again.

3. Unable to access the webpage:

  • When you try to open a web page, the Bullguard program often prevents access by displaying an error.
  • In this scenario, open the program dashboard, click Settings, and select the Advanced menu.
  • Under Antivirus, navigate to the Safe browsing section and untick the checkbox beside Show safe results.
  • Save the settings and close the window. Now your Bullguard error code Bws102 is resolved.


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