What Is Bitdefender Threat Scanner?

Bitdefender Antivirus Threat Scanner

Threat Scanner is one of the security suites from Bitdefender, that finds potential threats and protects a computer. It is a feature integrated into all the Bitdefender products from the personal level to the enterprise level. When the Bitdefender threat scanner detects any suspicious file or software, you can either permanently remove or isolate it to avoid damage and prevent further problems. The Bitdefender can schedule an automatic scan to detect the threats on the computer. Otherwise, you can perform the manual scan whenever you want to improve the device performance.

Schedule The Scan In Bitdefender 2020

  • Launch the Bitdefender interface on the computer and click the Protection tab.
  • Go to the Antivirus section and click Manage Scans.
  • Select Scan, click the plus sign to create a scan task, and give a name to the task.
  • Next, choose the scan option, set the task priority, and select a post-scan action.
  • Click Show advanced options and then select Schedule scan task.
  • Select a scan period to schedule the scan.
  • Finally, click Save and return to the main interface.

Many users have faced an issue where the computer restarts immediately when the Threat Scanner file pops up. The causes of the error are the corrupted Bitdefender file or the Spybot tool. Fix the error easily with the following solutions.

Solution-1: Use The Bitdefender Patch

  • On the official Bitdefender webpage, you can find the patch for both the 32-bit and 64-bit computers. 
  • Download the patch according to your computer’s OS and open it to run on the computer.

Solution-2: Delete The Spybot Tool

  • Developers have found that the Spybot program on the computer could cause the error. 
  • Remove the corrupted file and replace it with a correct data file.
  • Download the original Spybot DLL file online and save it on the computer with filename “SDAV.dll.”
  • Copy the correct data file and navigate to the Program Files folder in the C:\ directory.
  • Open the Spybot folder, find the SDAV.dll file and then paste the correct file.
  • When the system asks to replace the SDAV.dll file, click Replace the file in the destination.
  • Now, restart the computer and then see if the error is resolved.

Solution-3: Remove And Reinstall

  • If the two solutions did not work, then uninstall the Bitdefender program on the computer.
  • Restart the computer and again install the Bitdefender program.
  • Make sure the error is fixed. If you have any further queries regarding Bitdefender threat scanner, click the call button.
Bitdefender Threat Scanner


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