Bitdefender Rescue CD Not Working

Follow the guidelines for Bitdefender rescue CD not working issue

BitDefender Rescue CD Problem

Bitdefender Rescue CD Not Working
  • Make sure the CD you are using is free from any scratches or defects.
  • If the CD is not working properly, download the USB version of the from the Bitdefender Support site.
  • When a blank screen is displayed, navigate to the Troubleshooting option.
  • If you are prompted to log in, enter the login id as livecd followed by a blank password.
  • If GUI is not loaded, and the text interface screen is displayed, login, and type startx. Then, press the Enter key.
  • In case the scan window is closed, double-click on the desktop icon to run Bitdefender again.
  • You can view the logs saved on your C: drive in the RescueCD Logs folder. Delete the stored logs, if not required.
  • Also, Bitdefender has newly launched the Bitdefender Rescue Mode to scan a Windows computer outside the operating system.
  • The Rescue CD will not be working correctly due to this new function.
  • Bitdefender Rescue Mode can disinfect all the partitions inside the hard drive and outside of your Windows operating system.
  • If Bitdefender can’t remove a malware or virus, it prompts you to enter into the Rescue mode for thorough cleanup and restoration.
  • When the scan is completed, click on the Reboot in Rescue Mode option to remove the unresolved threats on your computer.
  • Otherwise, open the Bitdefender Antivirus application and navigate to the Protection tab.
  • Select the Rescue Environment section, and click on the Reboot button.
  • Bitdefender will automatically start scanning your system.
  • Your computer will be restarted and will be directed to the Bitdefender Rescue Environment.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to remove the detected threats.
  • Click the Close icon to exit the scan window.
  • Your computer will now restart automatically and boot-up Windows. If you have further queries regarding Bitdefender rescue CD not working issue, click the call button available on the screen.


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