How To Retrieve Bitdefender Quarantined Items?

 How To Retrieve Bitdefender Quarantined Items?

Bitdefender offers the best protection against viruses and malware. It is used by many users worldwide. If you have installed the Bitdefender antivirus software on your computer, any infected files will be automatically quarantined and sent to a folder. The infected file will stay in the Quarantine folder to avoid infecting other files. However, you can recover those files if they do not possess any threat. If you want to retrieve Bitdefender quarantined items, it would be a major harm to your device.

Retrieving Quarantined Items On Bitdefender.

  • Open the Bitdefender user interface and select the Settings icon.
  • Navigate to the Quarantine tab. You can now find the isolated files on the Quarantine page.
  • If you want any file to be restored, select the particular file and click on the Restore button.
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions to restore it.
  • Once you have done retrieving the file, you can find the file in the original location.
  • If you want to check whether the file is still infected, you can rescan it.
  • Bitdefender registry cleaner runs a background check to check for any issues on the Windows registry.
  • You can find other options under the Quarantine option.
  • Select the option to rescan a particular file.
  • Once the scan is complete, you can isolate the file for 30 days.
  • If you don't recover the file within 30 days, the quarantined file will be automatically deleted.
  • You can change the duration for the deletion of the quarantined files.
  • Choose the period in the Delete files older than (days) section.
  • Select the required options under the Quarantine option.
  • To avoid loss of files, checkmark the Copy files to quarantine before applying the disinfect action checkbox.
  • You have now successfully retrieve Bitdefender quarantined items from your computer.


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