Why My Avira Antivirus Won’t Install?

 Avira Antivirus Won’t Install

Avira is a popular third-party Antivirus program to protect your devices from viruses, malware, or other threats. Some users have reported that they find it difficult to install Avira on their system. This difficulty could be caused due to various reasons such as the presence of old Avira tools, corrupted files, other active security programs, incomplete download of installer file, etc. If your Avira antivirus won’t install on a Windows computer, continue reading the steps to fix it.

Step-1: Remove The Old Files

  • If there are any residual Avira files present on the system’s cache or registry, you need to remove them.
  • Initially, uninstall the earlier version of the Avira Antivirus program and check if there are residual Avira files.
  • If there are files related to Avira, restart the computer in the Safe Mode, then open the File Explorer window.
  • Following that, navigate to the Program Files directory in C:\ drive and delete the Avira folder.
  • Sometimes, the Avira folder will be present in the ProgramData or Documents and Settings directory.
  • If you cannot delete the Avira folder, then rename it and restart the computer normally.
  • You can also use the Avira Registry Cleaner tool to remove old files. This tool can be downloaded from the official Avira website.
  • After downloading the tool on your computer, right-click it and choose Run as administrator.
  • If the User Account Control window pops up, click Yes to confirm.
  • In the Avira Cleaner window, scan for the residual files and select Remove to delete.
  • Next, close the window and restart the computer normally.

Step-2: Reinstall The Avira Antivirus

  • Visit the official Avira website from a web browser and log in to your account.
  • Select the Subscription menu on the left side panel, search for the Avira product you want to download, and click Install.
  • Once the file is downloaded, run the installation, and activate the license to start using the security tool. If still your Avira antivirus won’t install, click the call button to get remote assistance.


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