Avira Antivirus Installation Error

Avira Antivirus Installation Connection Error

  • Avira is one of the commonly used third-party applications.
  • However, off late, Avira Antivirus installation error has been faced by the user during installation.
  • Some common fixes to resolve the issue are,
    • Disable Windows Defender.
    • Disable Web protection.
    • Re-install Avira.
    • Update Manually.
Avira Antivirus Installation Error

Disable Windows Defender :

  • Most of the third-party applications work if you disable all of their in-build functions.
  • Follow the steps to disable Windows Defender and work with Avira alone.
  • Open the Windows Defender for Avira.
  • Click the Virus & threat protection.
  • Select the Settings for Virus & threat protection.
  • It will show the real-time protection feature.
  • Disable the real-time protection feature.
  • Try re-installing the Avira program to check if the update works.

Disable Web Protection Temporarily

  • Launch Avira Antivirus and select Settings.
  • Click Internet Protection.
  • Web protection comes under the Internet Protection option.
  • Now, you can try installing the updates for Avira to ensure it works.

Re-install Avira Antivirus :

  • Reinstalling the antivirus always helps. 
  • It fixes most of the problems.
  • Reinstallation removes all the files and registry inputs. 
  • It can be removed by the Registry Cleaner tool.
  • Download and run the Avira Registrycleaner.
  • In the Advanced menu, the press holds the shift button and restart your computer.
  • Select the Troubleshoot tab and click on Additional Options.
  • Run your computer in Safe mode.
  • Run the Avira Registrycleaner tool and remove all the registry inputs.
  • Run to the C: drive, select Program Files, and delete the Avira folder.
  • Restart your PC. Try installing the Avira Antivirus installation and run the updates.

Update Avira Manually

  • Update Avira Manually will fix the installation connection issue.
  • The automatic updates can always be used once the initial setup is done for Avira.
  • Follow the instructions given below to update Avira manually.
  • Download the fusebundle generator application from Avira.
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • Open the Avira and click Update > Manual Update.
  • Run the VDF file (Script file) in the Fusebundle generator, click Install Folder.
  • Wait for some time until the installs are complete. 
  • You can now restart your PC.
  • If still Avira Antivirus installation error persists, click the call button available on the sreen.

Update Avira Manually


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