How To Do Avg Offline Setup?

 AVG offline Setup

Downloading the offline installer of AVG Antivirus:

Proceed with the steps below for AVG Offline Setup

  • Go to your computer, open a web browser, and visit the official AVG website.
  • Click the Download button below the Offline Installer file.
  • Now, the downloaded offline installer will be saved in the computer’s Downloads folder as an executable file.

Installing the AVG Antivirus program:

  • Open the File Explorer, click the Downloads folder on the left panel, double-click the installer file to begin the installation process.
  • The User Account Control prompt dialog will appear on the screen.
  • Select the Yes option to continue.
  • By default, English has been selected from the appropriate drop-down menu that is located at the top-right end of the screen.
  • Click the Install option. The ‘Your AVG Antivirus installation is in progress’ message will be displayed on the screen.
  • Note: Do not turn off the computer. This might interrupt the installation process of AVG Offline Setup.
  • After the installation, the ‘You’re Protected’ message will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click the Continue option on the main panel. If you need to perform the run the AVG Antivirus program, select the Run First Scan option.
  • Some of the functions of the program might not be activated. To activate them, restart the computer and run the program.
  • You need not register your program separately because the initial free subscription gets activated automatically once you finish installing the AVG Antivirus program on the computer.


You can check the activated subscription by performing the steps given below.

  • Launch the main window of the AVG Antivirus program on the computer.
  • Click the My AVG tab at the top and select the My Subscription option.
  • Navigate to the Subscription on this PC section and then click the down arrow next to Upgrade Now.
  • You will any of the following statuses on the screen.
  • Active - This indicates that the subscription is active.
  • Expires - This indicates that the subscription is expired.
  • Subscription - You can see the activation code in this field.
  • Hopefully your AVG offline setup is completed


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