How To Configure AVG Security Settings?

 AVG Security Settings

AVG is a security tool to protect your computer from viruses, malware, and other threats. Once you download and install the AVG Security tool on your system, your system will be protected from all the threats. First, you have to open the AVG user interface by clicking the AVG icon on the System Tray. Once it is open, you can configure the security settings as you want it to be. If you are a first-time user and find it to be confusing, then the section below will help you in configuring the AVG security properly. To configure the AVG security settings, launch the AVG interface, click Menu at the top, and select Manage main settings on the next screen. Now, you will find few settings options.

The purpose of each option is given below.

  • Enable reputation services: This menu allows AVG to collect information on the threat files and help in detecting those files. This service is enabled by default. Before you disable this, read the AVG Privacy Policy for better understanding.
  • Enable Cybercapture: The Cybercapture service finds the malware and threat files when you open or run a file on the computer. Cybercapture stops the file and sends it to the AVG Threat Labs for analysis. You will get the result of the analysis through a notification. In case you want to block all the files detected by Cybercapture and send it to the Threat lab, select “Always block.” If not, you can choose to send it to the Threat Lab whenever a file is detected by selecting “Allow me to decide.” This setting will be enabled by default.
  • Scan for Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs): With this scan, you can detect PUAs while browsing or accessing the Internet. The PUAs are the cause of the unwanted activity on your device and spy your private data to get more information. The AVG security tool detects the PUAs and notifies you to select the action that has to be taken. If you need a remote assistance to configure AVG security settings, click the call button.


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