Avast Cleanup Problems

avast cleanup failed

Avast Cleanup Failed

If you encounter the ‘Avast Cleanup Premium DeleteFile failed’ issue on your computer, you can follow these guidelines to resolve the issue.

  • Navigate to the AVAST software folder on your computer.
  • Typically, the Avast installation folder is C Programs Files Avast Software Avast Cleanup Premium. Delete the Avast setup folder.
  • Run the Avast Removal tool on your computer as an administrator and then reinstall the application. The Avast Cleanup DeleteFile failed issue should now be resolved.

Avast Cleanup Won’t Open

Follow the troubleshooting guidelines mentioned below to resolve the Avast Cleanup opening issue on your computer.

  • Go to the Windows desktop. Press the Win key to view the Start menu. (The Win key is the key on the lower-left portion of your keyboard with the Windows logo on it.)
  • Enter the words ‘Control Panel’ in the text field and press Enter. The Control Panel window opens.
  • Click the ‘Programs and Features’ button to open the ‘Programs and Features’ window.
  • Enter ‘avast’ in the search box at the top. The Avast Cleanup Premium application is displayed on the left. Select it and then click the ‘Change’ button at the top.
  • The Avast Cleanup Premium setup window appears. Click the ‘Repair’ button and wait until the Avast application is repaired. Restart the computer. The Avast Cleanup Premium issue should now be resolved.
Avast Browser Cleanup Not Working

Avast Browser Cleanup Not Working

If you encounter any issue with Avast Browser Cleanup, follow these guidelines to resolve the issue.

  • Power on the computer and navigate to the desktop.
  • Open the Control Panel Programs and Features Select Avast Antivirus Click Change Go to Tools Click ‘Browser Cleanup.’ Now, wait until the browser add-on is deleted.
  • Reinstall the Avast Browser Cleanup and check whether the issue persists.
  • Also, make sure that the Avast application’s virus definitions have been updated.

Avast Cleanup Deleted My Files

If Avast Cleanup deletes your files, you can try recovering them with recovery software like Recuva, Disk Drill, etc.

Here are the guidelines to recover files deleted by Avast Cleanup.

  • Download any recovery software such as Recuva on your computer from the manufacturer’s official site.
  • Here, the steps for recovering deleted files correspond to doing so with the user interface of Recuva. However, these steps should be similar for other recovery software since the recovery procedure is similar across all these recovery tools.
  • Open the Recuva application installer that you downloaded from the official site on your computer.
  • Click the T&C agreement button and then click the affirmative action buttons on the following screens.
  • Wait until Recuva is installed on your computer and then launch it.
  • The Recuva Wizard’s welcome screen appears. Click Next.
  • Select the type of files to be recovered. Since the Avast application deleted several types of files, click the ‘All Files’ radio button. Click Next.
  • Click the ‘Enable Deep Scan’ radio button and then click Start.
  • Recuva performs a deep scan on your computer and displays the scan results on the screen.
  • Click the checkboxes beside all the files that need to be recovered and then click Recover.
  • Recuva prompts you to select a destination folder for saving these recovered files. Set it and then click OK. The destination folder will now open on your computer.

Avast Internet Security Cleanup

Here are the guidelines to use Avast Internet Security Cleanup to optimize your computer.

  • Launch Avast Internet Security on your computer and click the Scan button on the left.
  • Choose the ‘Scan for performance issues’ option from the list.
  • The Avast application scans the computer for system issues and displays them on the screen. Click the Details link.
  • Click ‘Optimize my PC’ and wait until the ‘Cleaning complete’ message appears on the screen. This completes the Avast Internet Security cleanup
Avast Internet Security Cleanup


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